Useful Sentences for Train Travel in China

Ticket collection

Hi, where is the pick-up counter for tickets booked online with my passport, please? (Ask anyone in the train station)

Hello, I want to pick up my tickets, here is my pick-up code and passports. (Show this to the conductor in the ticket window)

Find your waiting area and Check Ticket Entrance

Hello, where is my waiting area, this is my ticket?

Which one is my Check Ticket Entrance? Where is it? (Show your ticket to him/her)


If you miss the train the only way of getting a refund is to find the stationmaster or ticketing window of refund within 2 hours of departure. Please don’t miss your train!

Where can I cancel my tickets, please? (Show this to anyone who may know the ticketing window of Cancellation).

Please cancel my ticket. (Give the tickets and all the passports to the conductor.)

Note:The money will be refunded to whom paid the tickets, you need to email us about your Cancellation.

Ticket Change

You can only change date, train, seat/sleeper class, train stations in the same city.

Where can I change my tickets, please?

Please help me change my tickets.

Change to/改到___________Month/月_____________Date/日_____________Time/时间

Train No./火车号__________________   

Departure station/始发火车站________________________
Arrival station/抵达火车站____________________________

Business seat (商务座)
Superior seat (特等座)
first Seat (一等座)
Second Seat (二等座)

Hard seat (硬座)
Soft seat (软座)
Hard Sleeper (硬卧)
Soft Sleeper (软卧)
Deluxe soft sleeper (高级软卧)  

Standing ticket (站票)
Upper bed (上铺)  
Middle bed (中铺)  
Lower bed (下铺)  

To your train station

我去______________火车站,谢谢!(Show the correct train station to the driver)
Please take me to _____________train station.

请问怎么坐地铁去_______________火车站,谢谢?(Show the correct train station to the driver)
How to take metro to ________________train station?

To your hotel

Please drive me to ______________________hotel, thank you.

How to take metro to _____________________________________hotel, please?

Give someone a ring

能帮我打个电话给莫先生吗, 我想跟他谈谈?他的电话是13977329179,谢谢!
Can you call Mr. Morgen, his phone number is 13977329179?